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How to study the Bible - Purpose

By Web Team | Grow

Studying God’s Word is the path to knowing God personally, so, if you asked me why should I study the Bible?

The simple answer is to know God and love God.

Some people wonder why we should study the Bible. They ask questions like, “If it is an ancient text, how can it be relevant to today’s problems and people us?”

Well, let’s talk about a question we or others may have.

Is the Bible Relevant today? Short answer, yes!

See, the Word of God is entirely relevant for today, for all people, for all situations, for all time because it is the living message of God to His people.

Though societies and cultures change, humanity and life rarely do. The Word of God is His announcement of truth about Himself that never changes.

Yet, we wonder how could God be speaking to us.

The Bible's connection to our lives is not always obvious, but God never intended His message and plan to be difficult to understand.

God wants us to develop a relationship with His Word. We can only do that by studying the Bible on a regular basis.

As you are faithful to study God's Word and consider how these teachings and principles apply to your life, then God will make His plans and directions the right time.

When you obey God’s directions, the Holy Spirit will make the Word of God come alive in your life, and it will be relevant to where you are now.


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