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How to study the Bible - Big Ideas

By Web Team | Grow

When you have read a few verses or a chapter, and you are ready to figure out what the message of the section is, ask yourself, "What's the big idea?"

In other words, identify the main message or key point of the text.

This step is important and will help you discover the big idea of the passage.

Pray and ask God what He intends to teach you and why that lesson is important to your life.

What is God showing you about Himself, and how should you respond to what He is saying?

In what ways can you honor God by applying His truth to your life?

And what character traits does God want you to develop to become more like His Son, Jesus Christ.

Put yourself into the story. You identify with certain characters because of their backgrounds or how they reacted when facing particular challenges and

At times the history, traditions, and way of life in a Bible story may seem totally foreign to you on the surface.

But if you can relate to the emotions, needs, and questions of those involved, you will be more likely to discover ways to connect the lessons learned to situations in your own life.


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