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How to study the Bible - Action

By Web Team | Grow

Ask yourself, "What should I do now that I know this?"

Spiritual knowledge and good intentions are not enough. Simply knowing what the Bible says will not change your life, keep you right with God, or help grow in a relationship with Him.

You have to allow the Word to become part of you. It must become the authority in your life. That requires a decision to change your beliefs into action principles into practice - to translate learning into living.

Be as specific as possible in how you apply God's Word into action. Make plans with people, situations, and actions in mind.

While you may at times simply read the Bible for information, don't make a habit of approaching God's Word irresponsibly by reading the text without making effort to discover how it relates to your life and how you can put it into action.

At the end of your Bible study time, take a few moments to pray, ask God for direction, and help applying the truth of his Word to a specific situation in that day.

The sooner you put Biblical principles into practice, the more likely you will retain the truth, so it can make a long-term, life-transforming impact on your on the lives of others that God wants to influence through you.

Keep in mind that you have not learned the truth until you have lived it. With that aim in mind, it may help to keep a study journal where you can write what shows you, how you intend to apply it, how you followed through with your intentions, and what you learned as a result.

Also, find a reliable Christian friend, mentor, or prayer partner that you can share what you are learning and discuss the difference God's Word is making your life.


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