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Alive in 5: Placing Your Faith in Jesus

By Web Team | Grow

Alive in 5 is a simple way to share how to become alive in a relationship with God. Today we’re talking about placing your faith in Jesus.

Are you ready to make your own decision to have faith in God?

You can begin your faith journey with God by saying a simple prayer. Prayer is a way to express your faith and trust in Jesus.

If you want, you can pray along with me.

Dear God,

I believe that You are real, that You love me, and that I have been separated from You by sin.

I know I cannot save myself from sin. I know only You can save me. Thank You for sending Jesus to pay the price for my sin. I believe that Jesus that He paid the price for my sin with His death, and that You raised Him from the dead.

Please forgive me as I accept You into my life and help me through Your Holy Spirit. Help me to live for You.


If you are not ready to put your faith in God and live for Him, that does not change how God feels about you.

God still loves you, and He will continue to reach out to you. God is patient because He does not want anyone to be destroyed, including you (2 Peter When you are ready to follow God, He is ready to welcome you.

If you are having doubts? Relax, we’ve all experienced doubt. It’s natural to have some doubts about God’s existence and His great love for us.

Having faith in something you cannot see is not easy. I encourage you to dig into reading your Fire Bible and talk to your youth leader about your doubts.

Don’t be alone in your questions. Connect with a community that can help you.


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