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What Does a Campus Missionary Tell?

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1 Pet 3:15 says, “Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain God created us for an essential purpose: to have a personal relationship with Him. Without that relationship, there is always something missing.

Many people try to escape the emptiness through entertainment, work, achievements, sports, music, sex, alcohol, and drugs. But nothing can bring ultimate satisfaction and peace apart from God.

The message of Jesus is Good News, and it is meant to be shared. One of the last things Jesus said before He left earth was that His followers were to everywhere telling people about Him.

Followers of Jesus must be ready to talk about their personal experiences with Him and how He offers true life to all who choose to serve him.

Evangelism means “spreading the message” or “announcing the good news” to a spiritually lost world in obedience to Jesus’ command.

Communicating His message should not be approached as a one-time event but rather a process of helping people understand who Jesus is and what done for them.

We must rely on the power of the Holy Spirit, who prepares people to receive the message and works in their hearts to bring spiritual salvation, which Jesus called being “born again.”

Without God’s help, people cannot understand and respond to His truth. We should pray for open doors to share His message and for boldness to communicate clearly.

Remember, it’s God’s responsibility to save. It’s our responsibility to obey and tell.


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