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What Does a Campus Missionary Do?

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A campus missionary commits to 5 disciplines that will help the campus missionary grow in their relationship with Jesus, grow to be more like him, and effectively reach others with the message of hope and eternal life.

The 5 commitments of a campus missionary are pray, live, serve, tell, give.

  1. Pray. A campus missionary spends time daily communicating with God, reading his Word, and praying.
  2. Live. A campus missionary lives an authentic, consistent Christian life that demonstrates godly character, obedient faith, and passionate love for his Word.
  3. Serve. A campus missionary follows Jesus’ example of servanthood by using their God-given abilities to serve the church and community.
  4. Tell. A campus missionary actively pursues opportunities to talk about Jesus.
  5. Give. A campus missionary honors God with their material and financial resources by giving generously of time and money to promote godly ministry spread the message of Jesus around the world.

Throughout your Fire Bible, you will see the Campus Missionary Symbol.

[Display Symbol]

When you see this symbol in the margins of your Bible, you will see that there are verses highlighted that relate to one of the 5 commitments.

You can use these verses along with the ideas and helps in the Campus Missionary section of the back of your Bible to help you grow as a campus missionary.


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