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How to Handle Objections (Part 1)

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So, you are on your campus, doing your campus missionary thing, and someone objects to what you are saying about God.

What do you do?

Let’s talk about handling objections to Jesus. It’s important to think through how to respond ahead of time.

Your responses should be gentle and full of love. Responding to someone’s objections is not the time to start an argument, but an opportunity to share love.

  1. One of the most common objections people have is, “I’ve done too many things.”

    This person feels that they have gone too far for God’s acceptance. They are right to feel that way, but remind them that no one is good enough; that is Jesus died.
    He doesn’t consider sin like we do, and He’s not keeping a score. One sin is equal to 100 in His eyes. He forgives everyone the same.
  2. Someone might say to you, “I don’t need God.”

    This person believes they are generally happy without God.

    Gently explain to them that our greatest need is not happiness or contentment; it is forgiveness and a relationship with God. Nothing in this world can give forgiveness other than Jesus.
  3. If they say, “There is too much to give up to follow Jesus.”

    This person fears commitment. Explain to them that God loves us and has only our best in mind.

    What we give up is nothing compared to what Jesus gave. Giving up sinful things is like when a parent sets boundaries. Boundaries are not meant to hurt they are for our good.
  4. Another common thing people say is, “The church is full of hypocrites.”

    Yes, it’s true. Every place is full of hypocrites. Using hypocrites as an excuse to avoid a relationship with God is like rejecting your favorite sports team some fans are fickle in their support.

    Maybe a more accurate analogy would be rejecting your best friend because someone who is unkind claims to know your friend. You wouldn’t do that, It would be great if all Christians modeled God’s love. Some, however, will not be genuine, and others will take the easy way—presenting the image of without an authentic relationship with him.

    But true Christianity is based on God’s character and desire to have a personal relationship with you.

    God hates hypocrisy, too. In Isaiah 65:5, God said of his feeling toward religious hypocrites, “These people are a stench in my nostrils, an acrid smell that goes away.”

    Speaking against the hypocrisy of the religious people of his day, Jesus said, “Snakes! Sons of vipers! How will you escape the judgment of hell?” (Matt We have to trust that God will take care of those people who don’t reflect His love and grace.


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