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How Should a Campus Missionary Serve?

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When it comes to our involvement in church, we tend to ask ourselves, "What's in it for me?" or "How can I help others?” Sometimes we serve without about why we are there or our spiritual growth.

Our focus must shift from consuming to contributing, from getting to giving, to mature spiritually. As we see opportunities to serve, it’s important to ask ourselves a few questions to help us discover God’s direction in developing our gifts and potential place of service.

Consider the following criteria and then talk to a youth leader or pastor about finding a place to serve.

We feel more satisfied and fulfilled when we serve in areas of interest and ability. What are your natural abilities and talents? What comes easily to you?

Don’t feel bad about serving in one area and discovering it isn’t your talent. Not everyone can sing, not everyone can hold babies, and not everyone can

There is something that you are good at, and that thing can be used to serve others for Jesus.

What are you passionate about? You might be obsessed with video games or the guitar. Maybe you love basketball or skateboarding. Maybe it’s books movies that make you excited.

Different things interest and inspire different people. Your God-given motivations can serve as a guidance system for life and ministry. God can use even that seem every day for His work.

You can either use your interests for good or evil—for selfish reasons or to serve God and others.

You will serve the best and have the most fun when you use your gifts and abilities in sync with your personality and past experiences while doing things interest you and honor God.

Talk to your youth leader or pastor about how you can begin using your God-given gifts in a way that honors God and benefits others in your church or ministry.

Don’t assume that there is no place for your skill. Someone may know how to build a creative ministry around it.

But most importantly, get out there and serve!


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